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  • IRRD workshops and Training follows STEM Technology concept (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEM)) to enlighten the learner’s ability in understanding the basic laws and theorems in Mathematics and Physics. The training helps them to apply the concepts of mathematics and physics in Engineering Problems.
  • Our training ensures learners to understand the laws ,theorems, principles and basic concepts of mathematics and science in a very simple manner with a concept of “Learning by doing”
  • We train our students to solve complicated problems and concepts of Science and Engineering in a simplified way with much enthusiasm & fun.
  • Our courses are based on product development and the syllabus is updated with respect to contemporary technology standards.
  • We provide training to students in various fields through our Research and Development Division
  • Robotics and Allied Division (RAAD)
  • Nano electronics and Integration Division (NAID)
  • Processing on Signal, Image and Video (PSIV)

The training is conducted during special slots during weekdays, weekends, summer and winter vacation at research centre. Students can register for the training in our “registration” page. You can download the syllabus / we will send you the syllabus to your mail ID after registration.

Category 1

Innovation with Robotics and Allied Division

Category 1A

Name of the Training DurationDetails
ArduinoRBasic Modules 2 Weeks

Advance Modules 2 Weeks
Autonomous RobotsDownload/Register
Robot Arm controlDownload/Register
Mobile Controlled BotsDownload/Register
Surveillance RobotsDownload/Register
kinematics and neuros schemesDownload/Register
Swarm RoboticsDownload/Register
Non microcontroller based RobotsDownload/Register
Microcontroller based RobotsDownload/Register
Autonomous Industrial RobotsDownload/Register
Underwater RobotsDownload/Register
UAV & QuadrotorDownload/Register
Product Development
phinxR automatons*
Ultra Level module-Process steps in Robotics product design 3 weeks*Product from the R & D of IRRD Automatons

Automation (Home, Industry, automobiles etc)

Category 1B

Name of the Training DurationDetails
SCADA- Supervisory Control And Data AcquisitionBasic Modules 2 Weeks

Advance Modules 2 Weeks

Ultra modules 5 weeks
PLC -Programmable Logic ControllerDownload/Register
IPS- Integrated Power Supply designDownload/Register
Human Machine Interface(HMI)Download/Register
Distributed Control System (DCS)
C programming for control applications
Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS)Download/Register
Embedded control system designDownload/Register
Embedded Automation system Smart GridDownload/Register
DAQ DesignDownload/Register
Sensors Interfacing and controlDownload/Register
Product Development
Home automatons(haumA*)
Industrial automatons(iMATONS*)
Ultra Level module-Process steps in Automation product design 3 Weeks*Product from the R & D of IRRD Automatons

System Design Using Microcontrollers

Category 1C

Name of the Training DurationDetails
Product design using 8051, 89c51,52 etcBasic Modules 2 Weeks

Advance Modules 2 Weeks

Ultra modules 5 weeks
Product design using Atmel,ATMEGADownload/Register
Product design using PIC Microcontrollers Design using advanced processor ARMDownload/Register
Design behind multi Core processorDownload/Register
Embedded system for HomeDownload/Register
Embedded system for automobilesDownload/Register
Embedded system for ConstructionsDownload/Register
Embedded system for Biomedical Engineering Embedded system design for surveillanceDownload/Register
Embedded C ProgrammingDownload/Register
Embedded LinuxDownload/Register
Java -JazelleDownload/Register
Working with Open source hardwareDownload/Register
Working with Open source SoftwareDownload/Register
Real Time Operating SystemDownload/Register
Controller Area Network(CAN)Download/Register

Category 2

Innovation with Nanoelectronics and Integration Division

Name of the Training DurationDetails
Design using Reconfigurable ChipsBasic Modules 2 Weeks

Advance Modules 2 Weeks

Ultra modules 5 weeks
SOC/NOC DesignDownload/Register
Design of low power Analog CircuitsDownload/Register
Design of Low power area efficient, high speed digital circuitDownload/Register
Storage Device/Memory designDownload/Register
Design of Microprocessor/Computing deviceDownload/Register
Design of VLSI system for Signal,Image and Video ProcessingDownload/Register
VLSI and Computing:An algorithm based Design prespectiveDownload/Register
Multi GATE devices modeling and application flexFET,finFET etcDownload/Register
Working with VLSI CADDownload/Register
wafei*Building a Chip 7 weeks course*From the R & D of IRRD automatons

Category 3

Innovation with Signal / Image and Video processing

Name of the Training DurationDetails
Image analysisBasic Modules 2 Weeks

Advance Modules 2 Weeks
Biomedical and audio Signal processingDownload/Register
Video processingDownload/Register
Pattern recognizition and classificationDownload/Register
swarm intelligenceDownload/Register
Green computingDownload/Register
Wavelets: From Math to PracticeDownload/Register
ANFIS,NEURAL and FUZZY System DesignDownload/Register
Computer VisionDownload/Register
Statistical methods in ProcessingDownload/Register
Aiia*Ultra Level module-Process steps in algorithm design 3 Weeks*From the R & D of IRRD automatons

Outcome of the Training

  • The training helps the students to understand the concepts studied / new concepts by doing it practically.
  • They can confidently face their Technical Interview in IT & core companies.
  • Provides a Platform to transform their innovative idea into real products.
  • Based on their performance the students will be given opportunity to work with the product development team of IRRD Automatons.


  • Course materials and Brief theoretical Lectures.
  • Visual Media and interactive learning methods.
  • Hands on workshop.
  • Continuous Evaluation with corrective measures.
  • Design Tools and Simulation.
  • Physical Design and verification.
  • Testing methods and product comparison.

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