The “outreach Programme Division, Institute for robotics R & D”s objective is to be recognized as a centre of excellence in Robotics, Nano electronics, Embedded System, Scientific computing and Data analysis & processing. In order to meet the increasing demand on Electronics and Mechanical Systems, IRRD Automatons was formed to provide high quality services & good relationship building with clients. We have a very competent team which includes the Trainers, R&D team and Customer support team. Our consultants and advisors include eminent personalities from industry and Universities.

Outreach Programme Division deals in conducting Seminars, Conferences, Technical training, hands on workshop, laboratory set up and consultancy services for educational institution. We aim to set up an exclusive research centre of excellence in Nano electronics Robotics, Embedded System & Data processing at colleges.

Our current focus in educational domain is to bridge the gap between Industry demands and academic offerings in Institutes.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

― Aristotle.

Academics offerings

As a part of our ongoing work to support educational institutions, we Institute for Robotics : Research and Development(IRRD) in consortium with colleges and schools are organizing several Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Competition like ‘Asimov Find Junior & Senior Robotics Event’, K2One2, C-Robo etc.

The basic foundation of a sound educational system lies in the concept of ‘learning by doing’. That is what we IRRD do through our events. The vision of these events is to nurture the fascination on science and technology in students by enabling them to have a hands on feel of 21st century technology.

For schools who want the best education for their children it is a way to demonstrate their exuberance in imparting a world class education as ours being a community of the best institution with a well established laboratory with latest hardware’s and tools.

By encouraging students to work in a team we fast track innovation as innovation is a blending of creativity. We show them the way to innovate and walk with them to make their dream product.

Courses and Training

We offer various Courses and Technical Training to bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation of technologies. We provide training to students in various fields like Nano electronics (VLSI), Robotics & Automation (Home, Industry etc), Embedded System, Data Processing (Signal, Image and Video) and others. The training helps the students to get ready for their placements in core companies and will provide platform to transform their innovation into real products. Based on their performance the students will be given opportunity to work with the product development team of IRRD Automatons.

The courses focus on the Design and development of a product for home, industry, medical and other fields. The courses are conducted at regional centres and On-Campus.

On-Campus Training / Workhops

We provide on-campus hands on training and workshop on various Technology tools, Programmable design software and Programming languages like,

  • RobotExpert
  • Gazebo
  • JAVA-jazelle
  • ModelSim
  • Ltspice
  • Pyro, vhdl
  • Khepera sim
  • Matlab
  • Synopsys HSPICE
  • PSIM, NS2
  • ROS
  • Embedded C
  • Electric
  • LabVIEW
  • Tanner
  • Xilinx-ISE
  • RoboLogix
  • Embedded C++
  • Cadence
  • Altera Quartus
  • Multisim
  • OrCAD

and Mobile Developer Tools-Embedded & Botics and  more . . . 

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Phone: +91 96290 91529
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'' IRRD Automatons '' is registered under Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises Scheme ( MSME Scheme), Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Tamil Nadu.