Courses Offered

IRRD Training and courses follows STEM Technology concept ( Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)). We provide training and Courses to students in various fields through our research division.

  • Robotics and Allied Division (RAAD)
  • Nano electronics and Integration Division (NAID)
  • Processing on Signal,Image and Video (PSIV)

The course will cover the core ideas, their implementation, and how to use them or extend them in your academics and research. Few courses include a final project of each student's choosing.

a) Product Design Using Microcontrollers and Embedded System

The Product design courses explore the confluence of engineering and design in the context of real time gadgets or products which features intelligent computing, interactive electronic devices made from scratch with custom printed circuit boards, Microcontrollers and sensors. Students will learn about Circuit designing, circuit board design, microcontroller programming, sensors and actuators. The course starts with designing simple modules to advanced level.

Laboratory work includes implementation of Circuit designed, controller designed and testing of the projects/products done.

b) Robotic Courses

1. Basic Level

The course is a comprehensive hands-on introduction to the concepts and basic algorithms needed to make a mobile robot function reliably and effectively. This is a lab course with emphasis is on hands-on learning. Lectures are focused on the content of the next lab. There is a lab every class and they build on each other so that a complete robot hardware and software system results. The course will culminate with a class-wide competition that tests the performance of all of your code implemented.

2. Advanced Level

The Robotic course presents an overview of robotics in practice and research with topics including vision, motion planning, mobile mechanisms, kinematics, inverse kinematics, and sensors. In course projects, students construct robots which are driven by a microcontroller, with each project reinforcing the basic principles developed in lectures. Students can work by own or in teams.

3. Ultra Module

This course investigates robot mobility, energetics, sensing, computing, software and other systems issues. The Design are modeled, simulated, implemented and evaluated as components, then integrated into, and tested as, comprehensive, tangible, and robot prototypes. Sub-disciplines will include Programming, software Design, scientific computing, navigation, sensing, locomotion, legged locomotion, avionics, communication, power, human-computer interaction, interaction design, cognitive psychology etc.

Other courses includes VLSI and Nano electronics, Mechatronics , Image and signal Processing.

Course Schedule


For the working and non working professional candidates the course is been conducted throughout the year. Scholars/Students can register online or walk-in at any of our regional centre.

Courses List

The following courses is been offered through the Institute for Robotics R & D, a division of IRRD Automatons - Technical Training and services. The courses are hourly basis and students & faculty can attend the same during evening hours of weekdays/weekends. The course has credit points to validate. All courses have practical session with equal weightage.

Course Name DurationCourse Details
Robotics Basic Module (Level I) 15 Hours Wired Controlling
Non microcontroller based
Robotics Advance Level (Level II) 20 Hours Wireless Controlled, Microcontroller Based, Electronics circuit and Mechanical Assembly
Microcontroller Based Robot Products 40 Hours Sensors and Microcontroller Based
Embedded and Robotics 40 Hours Autonomous Robots using : Integrated Circuits 8051/89c51/etc Microcontroller AtMega 16,32 microcontrollers PIC Microcontroller etc
Mechatronic Design 30 Hours integration of mechanism, electronics, and computer control to achieve a functional system
Robotic Arm and Leg Locomotion 30 Hours Design and Programming


Course Name DurationCourse Details
Automatons for Industry 40 Hours Product Design and Programming
Automatons for Agriculture 40 Hours Product Design and Programming
Automatons for household 40 Hours Product Design and Programming
Mini Projects School College Students (MECH,ECE,EEE,IT,CSE,E&I,I&C) 20 Hours Robotics
Embedded System
Image And Signal Processing
Nanoelectronics And VLSI
Automobile Engineering
Automation And Control
Projects UG/PG BE(CSE,IT,EEE,ECE,MECH,E&I,I&C & OTHERS ME/M.TECH Semester/Year Robotics
Embedded System
Image And Signal Processing
Nanoelectronics And VLSI
Automobile Engineering
Automation And Control
Data Analysis & Mining
Application Software Design
Research Project/Products Semester/Year Robotics
Embedded System
Image And Signal Processing
Nanoelectronics And VLSI
Automobile Engineering
Automation And Control
Data Analysis & Mining Application Software Design

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