Indoor machines and maintenance

Products Offered

We design Low-power and wireless embedded system for home automation

  • wireless home automation and security services using up-to-date technology like Motion sensors, Video streaming, and Mobile apps.
  • Survillance robots to control the home's temperature, lighting and appliances remotely, using a mobile device or computer. It offers the ability to watch video clips of pets or others in your home while you're away.
  • SmartBots uses wireless technology to monitor and control their home environment from outside as well as open garage doors and activate motion sensors.
  • Cleaning Robots for Home , Office etc

iRobot Interactive Home

We do custom design for interactive personal home robot

the Internet of Things

  • smartphone app that allows users to monitor and control their home environment and security while they are on the go.
  • Smart mobile control systems: Consumers can control their music and home theatre as well as their security, thermostat and appliances with mobile devices .

Services offered

  • installation of home automation and controls
  • monitoring both install automated technology in homes - home security system automation
  • Installation, repair and maintenance.

Outdoor Maintenance

Products Offered

  • Automation options using up-to-date technology for landscape management services on commercial properties
  • Good irrigation design and scheduling sprinkler system (manual or automatic). Our irrigation systems include rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems.
  • Garden Lighting: We design and install a bespoke, safe and economical garden lighting system to extend your living space into your garden.
  • Lighting controls will be integrated with your house lighting system or from a remote control or even from your smartphone or tablet computer.

For Health care

Products and ServiceS

  • Ambulance Fleet management system-Mobile and Web based.
  • Handheld medical instruments
  • Portable Dataloggers
  • Telemedicine Solution
  • Remote presence solution for patient care that combines autonomous navigation and mobility .
  • Data collection, patient monitoring and evaluations
  • Family members communicate with doctors and patients from virtually anywhere.

We play an important role as a Third-Party Developers for health care and other related projects

For Business

Products and ServiceS

  • We offer services for integration of real-time (plant and operations) data with enterprise level business data to help arrive at accurate decisions.
  • Customized visualization of secure data and analysis on different screens, including hand-held devices.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) - Connected Business Transformation.
  • Logistics Fleet management system-Mobile Web based.


OEM/ODM Consulting

We work with

  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Original design manufacturers (ODMs)
  • Process plants and systems integrators

Automotive Telematics

We combine the power of computers with remote communications technologies like GPS, GSM or cellular, etc. to obtain information about remote automotive vehicles.

Products Offered

  • Vehicle Tracking System-Logistics Units
  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System-Institutions
  • Vehicle Security System

For the Children

  • IRRD Creates Programmable Robot.
  • The STEM resources and tools help the educators, students to build a real robot.
  • The Outreach programme division helps the children, graduates and educators to learn robotics, computer science and engineering in a practical way.
  • The courses helps them to go beyond programming and build on their own robot,
  • Shop with us all embedded robotic kits , attaching sensors, electronics, grippers and other cool robotics hardware.
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